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Camera service requires both sensibility and knowledge. Your treasures are in safe hands.

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My name is Alois Kosnar, and I was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. Throughout my professional life, I have been working on making service on analog cameras. I have a solid training on cameras and accessories and experience of multiannual qualified job in Druopta in Prague.

In 1968 I came to Sweden and Stockholm. My first job here was with Brandt Optik, a general agent for the Leica. The next employment, from 1974, was with the Kameradoktorn. There I was responsible for the support of cameras of different brands and specialist work on large format cameras from Linhof.

Early summer 1978, I started my own facility on Grev Turegatan 45 and where I proceeded to repair the analog cameras in almost 30 years. In 2007, it was time to wind down and retire. I moved the workshop to my home, where I still receive analog cameras, projectors, lenses and more for service.

Many training courses of Leica, Mamiya and Linhof has given me a profound knowledge of optics and precision engineering applicable to any analog cameras. Over time, I have conquered the coveted personal seal that proves that the camera have gone through service by me on Kamera Service Center.

All cameras are interesting. From antique collectibles to the last analogue models. Know, of course, everything that is worth knowing about Leicas. Collecting old cameras are today very interesting internationally. Even odd photographic subject as stereo cameras with Viewer, amazing mahogany cameras for larger formats, thumbnails etc. is interesting.

Authorized Linhof-& Mamiyaservice. Specialized in Leica. Also works with Nikon, Rollei, Olympus, Pentax, Hasselblad. Even other analog cameras are interesting. Feel free to ask me.

You can with confidence contact to me with your treasures!
Phone: 073-741 65 54, Monday to Friday, 10.00-16.00
E-mail: info@ksc.nu

Eriksbergsgatan 34
S-114 30 Stockholm



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